Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dating Philippines Girls

Filipina dating scams & Tips for spotting Filipina Dating Scammers.

You can avoid falling into this trap .  Some tips to share with you.  These tips will help you identify Filipina dating scams.  It's can not give guarantee but you have to use your own judgment for spotting the Filipina scammers.

 1. Avoid Money Talks must never send money to any girl you are getting to know.  Money should not be a topic of discussion during the getting to know each other

2. Never Hurry in Relationship Most scammers have their main goal to get money and so don’t like spending much time in exchanging a lot of emails

3. Use Webcam chat Some times the girls with attractive pictures are in reality,if a girl says,  she does not have a phone or do not want you to call her or does not want to show her face on webcam or tries to hide from you in some other way, chances are very high that she is a scammer

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